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  Today is March 25, 2023
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August 2023
Internship Period

First Round:
November 14, 2022 to January 23, 2023

Due for Recording of Results:
February 24 28, 2023

Second Round:
February 27 March 1 to April 10, 2023

Due for Recording of Results:
May 12, 2023

Third Round:
May 15 to June 30, 2023

Due for Recording of Results:
July 31, 2023

February 2023 Internship Period

First Round:
October 10 to November 11, 2022

Due for Recording of Results:
December 16, 2022

Walk-in Round:
December 19, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Due for Recording of Results:
January 31, 2023

ABOUT Electronic National Internship Program System (E-NIPS)

The Electronic National Internship Program System (E-NIPS) aims to support the implementation of the medical internship program spearheaded by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Inc (APMC) and its partner medical schools and hospitals.

It is an online technology with the following functionalities:

  • Medical students can apply for internship, query available hospital slots and track the status of internship application
  • Medical schools can electronically forward the internship requirements to APMC.
  • Tracking of phases of internship from application to completion of internship program
  • Hospitals can record their assessment of the internship applicants and select accepted candidates via E-NIPS
  • Email notifications are sent out on phases such as completion of requirement, conduct of matching and release of internship results
  • Generation of dynamic reports, graphs, charts and certificates pertaining to the internship program.

You may register an account HERE.

Application Procedures

First Time Applicants:

  1. Create an account in E-NIPS. An email notification will be sent out to your registered email shortly. Only Filipino citizens (i.e. natural born, dual citizenship) are eligible to participate.

  2. The medical school shall validate and approve qualified registrations. Once approved, you will be receiving an email notification and may now log to E-NIPS.

  3. Click the link Apply for Internship. Select the period your are applying for in the ensuing dropdown list.

  4. Hospitals and the real-time number of available slots will be shown. Only hospitals with remaining slots will be present. Select up to 3 hospitals. Order them based on your preference.

  5. After selecting hospitals, the medical schools will be processing the academic credentials. Proof of registration payment must also be sent to Once the credentials and proof of payment are completed, the application is forwarded to the selected hospitals.

  6. Hospitals will be evaluating the submitted applications. The internship applicant will be matched to the highest ranked hospital selection that has accepted the applicaiton. Matching status will be reflected in E-NIPS as soon as it is determined.

Returning Applicants:

  1. Returning applicants are those that have previously applied for internship via E-NIPS but did not pushed through or discontinued.

  2. Request a reset of application via an email to In the email, please indicate your reason for re-application. Please do not register a new account.

  3. Once the reset is granted, you may proceed with application. The procedure is similar when applying for the first time. See steps 3-6 in the section above.


  • Please note that it is important to have an account in E-NIPS and having the hospital you were matched reflected in your account. Failure to do could have implications in the issuance of internship completion certificates and PRC reporting in the future.

  • For inquiries and concerns, please email

Regular Advisories

March 8, 2023

  1. Internship applicants for the second round are advised to thoroughly review hospital selections before submitting. Once it is submitted and provided that all requirements are completed as well, it will immediately be available for the review of hospitals.

  2. The deadline to request for hospital change is until March 10, 2023 (Friday). Requests for change in hospital selections are subject for review and will only be accommodated if the application is still pending. In the request, please indicate your reason for changing selections.

February 24, 2023

  1. The deadline of recording of August 2023 1st round results is extended until February 28, 2023. As such, hospitals are encouraged to finish the recording of results on or before the said deadline.

  2. E-NIPS will be in maintenance mode from 12mn of March 1 to finalize the first round results. The final matching results shall be known on or before 7am of March 1, 2023.

  3. The start of 2nd round application is March 1, 2023 once E-NIPS resumes operation. Those who are qualified to apply are:

  4. a). Those that were not matched during the first round.

    b). Those that applied for internship in the previous years but did not continue/purse internship. Please request a reset of application to

    c). First time applicants that did not applied in the first round.

January 23, 2023

  1. The last day of application for the 1st Round of August 2023 internship period is January 23, 2023. From January 24 to February 26, 2024, the application form will be closed as this period is allotted for the completion of assessment and recording of results for the hospitals.

  2. For internship applicants that intend to apply for the first round and would require a reset of previous application, the APMC office will accommodate requests only up until 6pm of January 23. After January 23, requests for reset of previous applications will already be for the 2nd round applicants.

  3. Hospitals have until February 24, 2023 to record results of assessment. The final matching status of applicants will be known by February 26, 2023.

  4. The start of the 2nd round application is on February 27, 2023.

December 15, 2022

  1. Hospitals are advised to finish the recording of results for the First Round of February 2023 applications. The deadline is on December 16, 2022.

  2. E-NIPS will be in maintenance mode starting 12mn of December 17 and will be back online before 7am. Final matching status of pending applicants will be known on the same day. See step #3 of November 19 advisory for the eligible applicants for the walk-in round.

  3. For those applying for the walk-in round, log to E-NIPS by December 19. The steps for application are as follows:
    a). Check the remaining hospital slots in E-NIPS. If you are applying for the first time, you need to register an account in E-NIPS.

    b). Request an endorsement letter to apply for internship from APMC via email ( Indicate in your email your preferred hospitals. You may indicate up to 3 hospitals. For those who are transferring, please indicate only 1 hospital.

    c). The letter of endorsement will be emailed by APMC to your preferred hospital for evaluation.

    d). You will be informed of the results via email. If you are selected by multiple hospitals, inform your preferred hospital. Once accepted, the result shall be encoded by APMC in E-NIPS and will be reflected to your E-NIPS account.

    e). If not accepted, repeat steps b and c.

November 19, 2022

  1. The application for the first round of February 2023 ended last November 11, 2022. Applications that were received on or before the deadline will be processed until its submission to the selected hospitals. While the medical schools and the APMC office continuously process the credentials, we encourage the applicants to send proof of payment to if you haven't done so.

  2. Those that are still not matched will have to wait until the end of recording of results on December 16, 2022. Hospitals are still doing assessments and encoding as of this writing. The final matching result will be known before the start of the walk-in round on December 19, 2022.

  3. Eligible applicants for the walk-in round are those:
    a). Applied for the 1st round not was not matched
    b). First time applicants as determined by the medical school and
    c). Applicants from previous years but did not pursue or discontinued internship

  4. Current applicants for the August 2023 internship period are encouraged to double check hospital selections before submitting. Requests for change in hospital selections and order are only accommodated if the reason is justifiable and application is not yet processed. Such requests must be made within 24 hours from the time of application in E-NIPS.