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  Today is February 25, 2021
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E-NIPS Advisory

January 28, 2021:

1. Please be reminded that the deadline for the 1st round of August 2021 internship period is on January 29, 2021 (Friday). Applicants must be able to select hospital choices on or before the said date.

2. Uploading of documents by the school and forwarding of applications to the hospitals shall continue even after the said deadline.

3. Hospitals have until February 26, 2021 (Friday) to record the assessment and results of the application. As such, the final matching result for the first round shall be available on or before February 27, 2021.

4. If you are already matched to a hospital, please coordinate with the hospital for the next step.

December 13, 2020:

The Doctors Hospital in Bacolod City was just added as an internship hospital. We shall be opening request for change in hospital choice until December 25, 2020 for those who have already applied but wishes to include The Doctors Hospital on their selection. Granting of the request is still contingent on the status of the application. Kindly email if you wish to request. Thank you.

November 30, 2020:

1. The list of participating hospitals for the August 2021 internship is already final as of November 27, 2020. For those who have not applied yet, you may select from the 76 participating hospitals upon logging to E-NIPS.

November 15, 2020:

1. Updated hospital profiles are now available for the approved user account of internship applicants.

2. Only Level 3 hospitals with accreditation in internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery and obstetrics-gynecology are eligible to participate in the current internship application period.

3. As such, only these hospitals shall appear in the selection list in E-NIPS. Additional hospitals might still be added once the requirements have been met.

November 10, 2020:

1. The mid-year internship period was adjusted and shall start on February 1, 2021 and end on January 31, 2021.

2. Final matching results for the 1st Round of February 2021 is available as of November 7, 2020. For those who were matched, please communicate with your respective hospitals for the next step.

3. Walk-in round of February 2021 will run from NOVEMBER 9 to JANUARY 31, 2021. The qualified applicants for the walk-in round are:
  a. Applicants who were not matched during the first round of application.
  b. New applicants who were not able to apply during the first round but qualified for internship as attested by the medical school.
  c. Interns that did not continue with their internship assignments in the past and decided to re-apply.

4. The steps of walk-in application are as follows:
  a. Check the remaining hospital slots in E-NIPS. If you are applying for the first time, you need to register an account in E-NIPS.
  b. Request an endorsement letter to apply for internship from APMC via email ( Indicate in your email your preferred hospital.
  c. The letter of endorsement will be emailed by APMC to your preferred hospital for evaluation.
  d. You will be informed of the results via email. If accepted, the result shall be encoded by APMC in E-NIPS and will be reflected to your E-NIPS account.
  e. If not accepted, repeat steps b and c.
  f. Please note that it is VERY IMPORTANT to have an account registered in E-NIPS before applying in walk-in rounds and getting accepted by a hospital. Failure to do so could have implications in the issuance of internship completion certificates in the future.

5. The application for the first round of August 2021 internship period will run from NOVEMBER 9, 2020 to JANUARY 29, 2021. New applicants (i.e. those with no previous internship application and account in E-NIPS) can already register for an account to give medical schools ample time to verify and approve the accounts.

6. Those with previous applications in E-NIPS but did not push through with internship and will re-apply for August 2021 will need to request a reset application to APMC. Please email and include details such as complete name, school and reason for re-application.

ABOUT Electronic National Internship Program System (E-NIPS)

The Electronic National Internship Program System (E-NIPS) aims to support the implementation of the medical internship program spearheaded by the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Inc (APMC) and its partner medical schools and hospitals.

It is an online technology with the following functionalities:

  • Medical students can apply for internship, query available hospital slots and track the status of internship application
  • Medical schools can electronically forward the internship requirements to APMC.
  • Tracking of phases of internship from application to completion of internship program
  • Hospitals can record their assessment of the internship applicants and select accepted candidates via E-NIPS
  • Email notifications are sent out on phases such as completion of requirement, conduct of matching and release of internship results
  • Generation of dynamic reports, graphs, charts and certificates pertaining to the internship program.

You may register an account HERE.